Centrifugal Pump

SLSSL Vertical Double Suction Pump

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Capacity: 68-6080m³/h

Head: 7-306m

Size: Suction DN150-DN600, Discharge DN100-DN450

Original: China


SLSSL type vertical double-suction centrifugal pump is single stage double suction pump, vertical, and the type pump use SW type of pump performance parameters, the structure characteristics of the vertical pipe pump, bold breakthrough in the overall structure design, pump base built-in water lubricated bearing structure, has solved the original stent is too high, the heavy parts, maintenance need someone too much. It has the characteristics of stable performance, long service life and high efficiency. At the same time SLSSL structure solves the problem of difficult to replace the mechanical seal of the pump.


SLSSL type vertical double suction centrifugal pump, this series of products are widely used in waterworks, pumping stations, air conditioning circulation water, heating hot water circulation, industrial system water supply system, fire protection system, shipbuilding industry, and also suitable for general use in oil refining industry.


SLSSL Vertical Double Suction Pump

1. Frame Plate  2. Impeller  3. Cover Plate  4. Shaft  5. Mechanical Seal  6. Bearing House 7. Motor  

8. Shaft Coupling  9. Motor Base  10. Shaft Gland  11. Bearing  12. Grease Seal  13. Gland Cover



TypeCapacity/Q(m3/h)Head  (m)Speed/n(r/min)Max Efficiency η(%)Max Power (kW)Size(mm)
SLSSL 15068-47018.8-146296082200150100
SLSSL 200114-64030-200296083450200125
SLSSL 250200-64021-225148083800250150
SLSSL 300300-165030-170148081800300200
SLSSL 350320-17007-2201480821250350250
SLSSL 400340-252013-3061480842500400300
SLSSL 450380-408020-2541480862800450350
SLSSL 500415-36006-150990852500500400
SLSSL 600874-608011-173990852500600450

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