Centrifugal Pump

SLSSW Horizontal Double Suction Pump

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Capacity: 68-6080m³/h

Head: 7-306m

Size: Suction DN150-DN600,Discharge DN100-DN450

Original: China


SLSSW horizontal double-suction centrifugal pump is of single-stage, double-suction and horizontal open-type structure. It is composed of double-suction impeller, double-volute pump body, pump shaft, bearing, shaft seal and other main parts. Is our company in the extensive absorption of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of advanced, innovative research and development of efficient energy saving products. It USES the most advanced CFD fluid mechanics calculation method, computer aided design method to develop a new generation of pump products. The series pumps have wide spectrum, good hydraulic performance, high efficiency and energy saving, low pulse, low noise, strong and durable, easy to maintain and so on.


It can be widely used in: high-rise water supply, building fire, central air conditioning water circulation, engineering system circulation water supply, cooling water circulation, boiler water supply, industrial water supply and drainage, irrigation, especially suitable for water plants, paper plants, power plants, thermal power plants, steel plants, chemical plants, water conservancy projects, irrigation areas water supply.


SLSSW Horizontal Double Suction Pump


TypeCapacity/Q(m3/h)Head  (m)Speed/n(r/min)Max Efficiency η(%)Max Power (kW)Size(mm)
SLSSW 15068-47018.8-146296082200150100
SLSSW 200114-64030-200296083450200125
SLSSW 250200-64021-225148083800250150
SLSSW 300300-165030-170148081800300200
SLSSW 350320-17007-2201480821250350250
SLSSW 400340-252013-3061480842500400300
SLSSW 450380-408020-2541480862800450350
SLSSW 500415-36006-150990852500500400
SLSSW 600874-608011-173990852500600450

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