Slurry Pump

SLSM(R) Medium Slurry Pump

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Capacity: 252-1325m³/h

Head: 16-100m

Size: Suction DN254, Discharge DN230

Original: China


SLSM horizontal wear-resisting slag slurry pump is a single stage single suction, cantilever, horizontal centrifugal slag slurry pump, our company is united with domestic experts to select domestic excellent hydraulic model design and development. Suitable for metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other industrial sectors, conveying strong abrasion, high concentration slurry.The pump body has a replaceable wear resistant metal lining or rubber lining, and the impeller is made of wear resistant metal or rubber material.Shaft seal can be packed seal or centrifugal seal.The outlet position of the pump can be installed and used by rotating 8 different angles according to the need of 45° Angle interval.

SLSM(R) is a derivative product, and the overcurrent part of this type pump is rubber material.Its pump body, pump cover and transmission part and so on with SLSAH type pump universal.


SLSM(R) horizontal wear-resistant slurry pump is suitable for conveying strong abrasion and high concentration slurry in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other industrial sectors.This type of pump can also be used in series.


SLSM(R) Medium Slurry Pump

1.Throat Bush  2.Frame Plate  3.Frame plate liner insert  4.Cover plate   5.Cover Plate Liner  6.Impeller  7.Expeller  8.Shaft seal  9.Shaft  10.Bearing Gland  11.Frame 


TypeCapacity/Q(m3/h)Head  (m)Speed/n(r/min)Max Efficiency η(%)Max Power (kW)Size(mm)


Slurry Pump

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